Lyn Hines

Marketing Preview

hMarketing today involves using many tools and deciding which are effective. The methods to reach people change on a daily basis. First and foremost, what is your Goal? It is usually a wrenching question but is number one especially when setting a benchmark to guage progress.

Once a goal and timeline have been established: Study the market

  • Who is your target?
  • Who is your competition?
  • Do your homework on the competition.
  • Are they ahead in market share? Why?
  • Is their website more visible than yours? why?

Marketing Self Analysis:

  • Do you keep track of Trade Shows and who is going?
  • When was your last Press release?
  • Are your press releases, websites, support documentation in the target language?
  • Communication methods?
  • Press releases - Free and paid press release websites and their effectiveness are often neglected. Email campaigns, with your news are just as important if they are real news.
  • Mailing lists - Are your Mailing lists informative or just spam?
  • Social Media - What social media is your target using if any?
  • Web - Is your Website clear and to the point? nice looking but also reaching the target market in different languages?
  • When talking about SEO for websites, why is one site above another?
  • Keywords? Links are votes for you. How many appropriate links are live.
  • Put into place benchmarks, to measure the visits, who what when which search engines, browsers.
  • Analyse your visitors. Are they visitors your target market?
  • Fresh content. Keep your site alive. New articles in other sources.
  • Educational Resource - inform your users. Once they are informed, they will understand your product and understand your offer as well.
  • Mobile devices - is your site compatible with the latest communication method?
  • Print press - Referenced in trade magazines, newspapers, journalists are on your mailing list?
  • Where are you in this process?
Lyn Hines Marine Marketing Projects
  • Longtze Premier sportboat Website development of Trilingual promotional website (French, Chinese, English) Search Engine Optimization and Photojournalism for new sport boat comming from the America's Cup Team Le Defi/ China Team. Translation of material, press releases and commercial research.
  • Dixon Language Services Search Engine Optimization and translation of different sites
  • Fabric Sail Design Software Client database optimization and marketing program leading upto and following the Mets Trade show. Press releases, new website, Email campaigns and phone contact.
  • Yachting Pages Distribution of Yachting pages and contact prospection in Spain from Barcelona to Gibraltar. A combination of Spanish and English marketing. Secondly, the same in La Rochelle France.
  • Website development, SEO, domain management, and marketing for sailmaker Micky Todd in Southern Spain
  • China Team -- America's Cup -- Journalism, Public Relations, translation 2004-2007
  • Euromarina Website, SEO and Marketing for European Associaton of Marinas -
  • Seahorse Article - Vendee Globe interview Marc Lombard Naval Design Office - La Rochelle
  • Amer -- Spanish Commercial agent for Marina reservation and management software.
  • Seapass Development and Marketing for Marina Reservation and Management software.
  • Seatizenport Spanish Commercial agent for Marina reservation and management software.